The Four Seasons Wine Glasses


A special glassware collection featuring all Four Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Perfect for entertaining year round.

These glasses make wonderfully unique wedding gifts. They are perfect for the couple who enjoys nature and wine. 

♦ I'll gladly personalize the base of the glasses with your names and a special date. Simply let me know what details to add when you checkout.



:: The glasses are 9" tall and hold 20oz

:: They look fabulous with all types of wine

:: Hand-painted with non-toxic glass paints

:: Completely original and one-of-a-kind

:: Dishwasher safe on the top rack

:: Free Shipping via Priority Mail


Design Details:

** Winter: The design is elegant, timeless and classic. I've been painting trees my entire life and I am continually drawn to the grace I find in bare tree branches silhouetted against a stark winter sky. You may choose to have your winter trees with bare branches or with snow nestled in the crooks of the branches. Choose your preference when you checkout. 

♫♫ Spring: This design is bright, elegant and friendly. These elegant black beauties are covered with bright pink and white cherry blossoms.

☼☼ Summer: These summer trees have a full canopy of lush two-tone green leaves in different shades to show the highlights and shadows of sunlight shining through the branches.

♣♣ Autumn: Delicate branches are jeweled with bright orange, red and gold fall leaves. There are a few leaves "fallen" near the base of the tree. 

The glasses you receive will not be the exact glasses pictured but they will be nearly identical as each glass is individually hand-painted. 

COPYRIGHT  Mary Elizabeth Arts, LLC

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