Birds Nest Teapot - Hand Painted Teapot


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♥ This teapot is a work of art. A truly unique treasure for that most special person in your life, mom.

A stunning porcelain teapot hand-painted with a Bluebirds Nest with 3 little eggs. One for each child. (If you'd like more or less eggs, just let me know and I change the design) Soft green lichen details the intricate tree bark. The branches extend to the teapot's lid creating a puzzle piece effect when the lid is on. A second branch reaches around the back of the teapot. The Teapot itself is a fabulous vintage find in mint condition. Made by H&Co. Heinrich in Bavaria, Germany. (see last image) Then I hand-painted in the birds nest and branch design by hand.

• Hand Painted on a vintage teapot by H&Co. 
• Please hand-wash
• Teapot is 7.5" tall 
• One of a kind

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