The Four Seasons Bird Glasses - Cardinal, Hummingbird, Bluebird and Golden Finch Glassware


A special collection of four different seasonal birds wine glasses. A Cardinal, Bluebird, Golden Finch and Hummingbird perch on tree branches in the changing Four Seasons. 

These glasses are great for enjoying year round. They are perfect for families of four because each person can have their own unique glass. A thoughtful gift for bird watchers or anyone who enjoys the art of nature.

The glasses look fabulous with any beverage and are great for water, juice and mixed drinks. They are very durable and are safe to machine wash daily! They are silkscreen printed and the paint is heat-sealed to the glass on the molecular level. The paint will not chip or scratch.



:: These come in sets of 4 glasses

:: Glasses are 8" tall and hold 16oz

:: Look fabulous with all beverages

:: Dishwasher safe and very durable

:: Silkscreen printed

:: 100% USA made

:: A signature Mary Elizabeth Arts design


COPYRIGHT Mary Elizabeth Arts, LLC

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