About M.E.

I invite you to celebrate your next meal as an art-filled experience, toasting to the slow delight of “a fine palate.” Food, wine and art are central in my life. I love the texture of paints, the nuance of light that shimmers through the layers of paint as much as I love the pure flavors and textures of fresh, organic food.

Today, it seems that we are tempted to live without any of those things. We live fast and cheap. We eat mass produced foods from ugly, disposable plates. It has become my passion and profession to restore the art of a simple meal by offering hand painted ceramic and glass dinnerware to compliment every meal. Served on a pure white plate, painted with a simple leaf or flower, a humble supper becomes an extraordinary experience of line, light, color, flavor, aroma and textures.

A little background information:
As a student in Fine Art, I originally specialized in oil and canvas paintings. However, during an archeological trip to Sicily to explore ancient cave paintings, I found painted pottery sherds brought from over from the Greeks, and realized that the precise detail they achieved was created by painting rather than glazing.

The experience left me eager to seek out new mediums for my work, and ceramics and glass became my new canvas. Like the Greeks, I believe that the humble act of eating and drinking should be made as beautiful and sensual as possible. I help you elevate your meal to the next level by allowing you to serve your consciously prepared food and wine on platters and glasses of functional art.

The most rewarding part of working with everyday functional items is that so many more people can appreciate them. I like to think of myself as being a guest at dinner parties around the world. 

Come to visit and you’ll find me painting in my studio on our farm in Chapel Hill, NC where we keep chickens, turkeys, a small orchard, year-round vegetable garden and lots of flowers and birds. My favorite time is spent with my capable husband who spoils me with his cooking and my two babies who give new definition to what love means. 

Cheers to artful living everyday! 
Mary Elizabeth 


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