Pine Hydrosol
Pine Hydrosol

Pine Hydrosol

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Loblolly Pine Hydrosol

This hydrosol is made from freshly harvested pine needles collected from trees around our property. This pine hydrosol makes a delicious "natural sprite". Just add a 2 Tablespoons to a glass of iced fizzy water with some lemon and a splash of simple syrup. It's truly delicious. It's also delicious in hot water with some honey to soothe sore throats. 

Pine is known as "natures neosporine." This is a great hydrosol to wash cuts with to keep out infections. I also like making homemade spray cleaner with this--the purest "Pine-sol". 

  • Spray bottles available in different sizes
  • Current batch is sold out. I'll make more soon.
  • Distilled in a copper still, in Chapel Hill, NC

I make no medical claims about the benefits of using this hydrosol.