♦ 9-Step Photo Tutorial on Painting a Bluebird Platter March 15 2016

Someone recently requested that I do a video on how I painted my most recent Bluebird coffee pot. I'm about a week away from having a baby and the last thing I want is my swollen face documented! So in lieu of a video, I've posted some step by step images of how I painted a bluebird platter. You can use my steps on any type of medium, canvas, paper...

♦ Painted Bluebird Coffee Pot January 05 2016

I ordered a vintage coffee pot from an Etsy seller and then hand-painted it with a Bluebird using ceramic paints. I love how this little guy turned out. You can see some other teapots I've painted with birds in this post, here. Inspired by my Bluebird, I then painted a Bluebird Nest Sugar Pot. I love the darling 4 blue eggs tucked into the nest and the soft green lichen detailing on the...

♦ Haiti: A Photo Update September 17 2015

Several months ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Haiti for an art-teaching trip. You can read details about the trip in this older post here. I've just received images of the students work on display in the gift shop in Haiti and had to share. I think the artists are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the fabulous painting guys!

♦ Travels in Haiti September 17 2015

Haiti is a hard place. I've done a fair bit of international traveling and still experienced quite a bit of culture shock when I first arrived. From the moment you arrive at the airport you're bombarded with requests to carrying your luggage. Whether you like it or not, you're followed by a couple of red-shirted men grabbing your luggage away from you hoping for a tip. Even if you tip...

♦ Maidenhair Fern Painted Glass Picture Frame June 14 2015

I do most of my paintings on glassware. But today I tried something a little different with an old picture frame. It was dusty, covered in a cobweb, stacked amongst other forgotten items in the garage. The glass cleaned up pretty and there weren't any scratches so I decided to use glass paints to create my mother's favorite fern, a Maidenhair Fern. The little 8x10 painting took one and a half hours...

♦ Painted Carolina Wren and Chickadee Teapots June 11 2015

  3 years ago my little niece Corinne was born. When she was a baby she'd flap her arms like a bird and we called her our little Wren (which rhymes with Corinne). My mother is an avid tea-drinker so I painted a little Carolina Wren teapot for her. This year my second little niece, Ellie was born. Her cheeks are so fat they barely contain her big, bright-eyed smiles....

♦ How to Paint "Forest at Dawn" Painting in 5 Easy Steps May 22 2015

I flew out to visit my best friend in southern California for a few days. She recently moved into a new house and they had a lot of big open spaces on their walls. There's nothing I dislike more than giant white walls so I decided to paint a picture. I knew I wouldn't have much time so I picked an easy old favorite. My "Forest at Dawn" but this time done in acrylics...

♦ Video Tutorial on Painting Lavender Buds on Glassware May 21 2015

A video tutorial on how to paint Lavender buds on glassware. I hope you enjoy it! You can see the stemless lavender glasses available here.   

♦ Faux Stained Glass May 21 2015

I found an old thrift store glass frame in the garage and tried my hand at creating faux stained glass. I used some glass stains and copper puff paint I had around the house. I then hot-glued the glass into the frame. It was really easy to do and only took about 2 hours for this piece. I think I'll start making some more of these with more attention to...

♦ How to Paint a Landscape Platter in 13 Steps May 21 2015

A step by step photo guide to painting a Platter. I hope you enjoy it! You can view more of my painted platters in this gallery. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Step 8: Step 9: Step 10: Step 11: Step 12: Step 13: Ta-Da!  

♦ How to Paint a Hummingbird in 12 Steps May 21 2015

  I love painting on platters. They allow me to create detailed paintings on something that can be used for everyday celebrations. When painting on canvases, I like big landscapes with lots of texture and color and thick layers of paint. But when painting on ceramics, often less is more. A simple flower or a delicate bird is a beautiful statement against the white of a plate or platter. You can...
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