Faux Stained Glass

I found an old thrift store glass frame in the garage and tried my hand at creating faux stained glass. I used some glass stains and copper puff paint I had around the house. I then hot-glued the glass into the frame. It was really easy to do and only took about 2 hours for this piece. I think I'll start making some more of these with more attention to the design. These irises were freehand painted and inspired from my mom's garden.

I used a sponge-like application with the paint to create the texture in the large clearer sections of glass. It's not clear, but rather a combination of yellows, pinks and oranges, but the paint is very translucent.

The "leading" is simply puff paint. I used copper because that's all I had on hand. I'll try this again using black so it looks more authentic. I didn't spend a dime on creating piece so I'm pretty pleased with the results. Now I just need to find more cheap picture frames.

I like how even though this is a faux piece, the reflection of the colors against the window sill looks like authentic stained glass. The pictures sadly don't show the beautiful luminosity of the painted glass. In person, the sunlight looks so beautiful shinning through the colored layers.